Big spender dating

I used to get frustrated when Jesse would go out and spend money on what I deemed “frivolous” or “extravagant” things.And he would get frustrated by the fact that I didn’t seem to ever want to spend money at all unless it was a necessity.As we’ve worked through these, we’ve learned some lessons along the way.And while I don’t have a magic wand I can wave to fix your marriage, I do have some suggestions from things I’ve learned as a spender married to a saver.

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It’s taken us , but we’ve really come to appreciate the strengths that each other bring to the table. — the fact that if we didn’t have the other to help balance us out, we’d be really lopsided.

So instead of getting frustrated that your husband likes to spend money, focus on the positive qualities he has and how his differences help bring balance to your relationship.

I’m a pharmacist, and I work hard—sometimes six days a week. I make 0,000 a year, and I spend the vast majority of it on experiences—wild, rare, unforgettable experiences.

These days, I know exactly what I like and what I don’t. What’s interesting about Tony’s manifesto, though, isn’t that yet another millennial has written an autobiographical think-piece around his lack of self-awareness.

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