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And some instructions for the non-technical folks on how they can join an IRC chat are given. Users log in to a particular server to chat with other users on that server, using a client program designed for IRC; just as there are many programs for reading email, there are many different IRC client programs.

Chat discussions take place in "channels," which have names starting with a '#' symbol.

It's not a replacement for the forum, but supplements it with direct community support.

Sometimes it is quiet and sometimes busy, but we will try to help.

Mozilla runs an IRC server to host channels for discussion of topics related to the Mozilla project.

There are several ways to participate in IRC and here are a some common options.

Also, sometimes the reason it is busy is that the conversation has gone off-topic!

For further issues that can't be solved on IRC there is always the Forum.

With pidgin hexchat and konversation you can a good go to irc.The freenode network ( has "chat rooms" dedicated to Wikipedia 24 hours a day, in which Wikipedians can engage in real-time discussions with each other.Many Wikipedians have chatting open in one window and hop back and forth between it and other windows in which they are working on Wikipedia.Popular clients include m IRC (Windows), Colloquy (Mac OS X), Chat Zilla (Firefox), irssi (cross-platform), XChat (cross-platform), and Wee Chat (cross-platform).There are also scripts available to enhance your IRC client, and Java-based chat clients that work in most web browsers if you are travelling or do not wish to install separate software.

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