Should keep updating firefox

If you run a bookmarked macro and the i Macros sidebar is not open, the sidebar will open to run the macro and close again after the macro is complected.

If the sidebar was visible before the macro is started, it will remain visible after the macro is completed.

You may experience the problem more often while viewing online flash videos. Follow these simple steps: Steps to stop process: Explanation: The crash protection feature in Firefox 3.6 is enabled for certain plugins only.

The four preferences that we modified here specifies four different out-of-process plugins.

If you have installed the Flash plugin but it does not appear in the Add-ons Manager, open about:config and make sure that the preference has not been set to "false" (if it has, right-click on it and select Reset to set it back to "true").

[2] Note: If the Flash plugin is installed, make sure it is enabled in the Firefox (3.0 and above) or Sea Monkey 2 Add-ons Manager (see above); otherwise, the Flash test will not work and the "Shockwave Flash" plugin entry will not be displayed in the about:plugins list.

However, manipulation of the browser window's interface and functionality will be extremely limited by definition, and even if it wasn't, the implementation of such abilities is nearly impossible to achieve in Web Extensions.

This option adds a link to the macro on your computer to your bookmarks.If you open any of the author's add-on pages on the Mozilla Add-ons repository, you will notice an important announcement on the page.It reads: IMPORTANT: The add-on will not receive any more updates and will stop working by next November with Firefox 57.Some websites require the use of the Windows Media Player (WMP) plugin for certain content such as embedded audio and video.This article describes how to get the Windows Media Player plugin working on Windows operating systems.

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