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Dating a Royal was so easy to apply, I was stunned.

Ils contiennent des acides aminés naturellement soyeux ...

Ils contiennent des acides aminés naturellement soyeux et un pigment nacré qui produit un éclat inégalable.

(.99 at Sally Beauty Supply) This light blue is as close as you'll get to the color of a Tiffany box – hence the name, "For Audrey." Like Ms.

Hepburn herself, this color is a timeless classic - it looks as great in January as it does in July. It's not the least bit sheer or streaky and gives you perfect coverage. (.99 at Amazon) Essie describes this color as a "dreamy ocean blue," but to me it's more of a periwinkle or cornflower color.

Large, rounded falls have a light wire on the periphery.

The brand has taken some of its popular colors and turned them into i Phone cases that are pretty cute!

(.32 at Amazon) If you're looking for a chic shade that screams winter, look no further than Ski Teal We Drop.

It did take 3 coats for maximum coverage though, but like I said, it went on like a charm!

I actually bought this one over 6 months ago and never used it, so since I'm going through my untrieds, I figured it was time for this little darling.

The British press is breathlessly searching for any and all info about the 35-year-old, whom has been repeatedly referred to as Canadian, even though she was born and raised in L. Olivia Wilde When she was 18, Wilde married Tao Ruspoli—son of Italian prince Alessandro Ruspoli, whose aristocratic lineage can be traced back to the 13th century.

Their wedding was devoid of pomp and circumstance; they eloped in Virginia and exchanged vows in an old school bus. Langer Best known for playing Rayanne in the gone-too-soon teen drama , Langer traded character work for a countess title.

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