Radgrid objectdatasource not updating

Because the This example has a text box that accepts user input, which is a potential security threat. NET Web pages validate that user input does not include script or HTML elements.

In previous tutorials we learned how the Object Data Source control allowed for inserting, updating, and deleting of data.

In Place End With End If End Sub Private Sub grid_Need Data Source(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik. Check out the demos for that approach here: that helps!

The best way to do that is to use the Grid's support for client-side databinding (though that does require that you expose your DAL via a Service Layer).

Thanks Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load If Not Is Post Back Then Dim data As New Data Gateway Dim ds As Data Set = data. Primary Key = New Data Column() Session("datasource") = ds With .

Get Employees By Program(Year:=2009, Program Name:="Long Term Incentive Stock Program") Dim dt As Data Table = ds.

The method delegates to the Update method of the Object Data Source View that is associated with the Object Data Source control.

I have searched far and wide with no success and i hope someone can come to my rescue on this fine Friday.

The first code example demonstrates how to use a Drop Down List control, Text Box controls, and several Object Data Source objects to update data.

The second code example shows the class that is used in the first code example.

I have enabled Allow Automatic Updates and Enable View State, implemented Need Data Source, set Datakey Names, etc.

(see code below) However, when I press the Edit button and make a change and press the Update link, the record does not update and leave Edit Mode....just stays in edit mode, and no error of any kind occurs.

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